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General Class Polices

  • Course completion and certificate presentation is not a guarantee of licensing by Maryland, Virginia or the District of Columbia.
  • I Drive Smart, Inc. reserves the right to dismiss any student for inappropriate or disruptive behavior without refund of course fee.
  • Students must be on time and in full attendance for all pre-scheduled in-class and behind-the-wheel training blocks. Late arrivals may have to wait until the first break before admittance so as not to disturb the rest of the class. Missed class time will have to be made up by the student at a later date and at possible additional expense.
  • Students must be dressed appropriately for all pre-scheduled in-class and behind-the-wheel training blocks. No bare feet, clothing with offensive language, or any other dress that would disrupt the class or preclude the student from participating in all learning activities.
  • Behind-the-Wheel instruction sessions will occur rain or shine.
  • In-class training sessions follow the Public Schools policy for emergency closings and cancelations. Students should see the web site for additional postings for all inclement weather notifications. Canceled classes(s) will be re-scheduled by I Drive Smart, Inc. within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Parents/guardians are required to pick-up their student on-time at the end of all training blocks unless other travel arrangements are approved by the parent or guardian as in the case of the use of public transportation. Regulations state that driving school Instructors are responsible for the student during and after all training sessions. Students not picked-up on time will be charged $50.00 per-hour for any portion of the hour subsequent to the end of the scheduled training block.
  • Parents/guardians will be accessible at the emergency contact phone number provided during the registration process. The Parent/guardian(s) of a student dismissed from a training session for any of the aforementioned reasons will be contacted directly at the emergency contact number to pick-up their student. I Drive Smart, Inc. is not responsible for those disruptive students who are dismissed from class.
  • Students are required to silence all electronic devices during all pre-scheduled training sessions. Repeated failure to do so may subject the student to dismissal from the training session.
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Class Materials Policies

  • As part of your Driving Class registration, you must select the preferred method for delivery of your materials. You can choose either a digital book (E-Book), which will show at the top of the My Account page, or printed book (which we will ship). You can also select both types of materials and even include a t-shirt, if desired. The prices vary for these options and are reflected in the Shopping Cart.
  • Please be advised to allow three full business days for shipping the book. If you make a purchase less than three business prior to the class, you should consider the E-Book option for immediate delivery of the materials.
  • You must bring the Student Answer Sheet to each class as this serves to record quiz/test scores and attendance. This Answer Sheet is contained in the back of the printed book and is always available for printing when logged into your account, at the top of the My Account page. If you choose only the E-Book, make sure to print our the Student Answer Sheet and bring it to class.
  • The student is responsible for all course materials. Any lost course materials, including but not limited to textbook, attendance forms, handouts etc., will not be re-issued by I Drive Smart, Inc. The student will be required to pay for additional materials, if requested.
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Behind the Wheel and Supplemental Drive Time Policies

This notice applies to both the standard Driver Training Program and any additional driving time that is purchased from I Drive Smart, Inc.

  • The scheduling of behind-the-wheel sessions is a critical part of Driver Training. The purchase of an I Drive Smart Driver Education Package includes three (3) two-hour behind-the-wheel training sessions with a certified Instructor. The sessions must be scheduled on separate days and a student may not train behind-the-wheel more than two hours in one day. This is regulated by the DMV/MVA. Please do not schedule two behind-the-wheel sessions in one day.
  • Important: A student driver may schedule purchased sessions through the I Drive Smart online system. It is recommended that the behind-the-wheel training sessions be stretched out over a reasonable amount of time.
  • Once the sessions(s) are scheduled, students may change or cancel up to three (3) calendar days before the scheduled session. The three (3) days are worked out to the hour the session starts (that is, 72-hours before the session start). Once the student is inside the three (3) calendar day window (according to the hour) prior to a scheduled drive time, the session cannot be rescheduled or cancelled. Please be sure that the selected sessions are sessions that will be attended by the student driver.
  • Unfortunately sessions that are inside the three-day window cannot be re-scheduled; therefore please be very careful when scheduling your drive time. It is best to schedule each training session one session at a time rather than all three at once. This will help to avoid missed sessions.
  • Always bring your valid Learner's Permit to each behind-the-wheel training session.
  • Please meet your I Drive Smart Instructor at the yellow I Drive Smart car at the location you have selected. It is important that the student be familiar with the location of the training and where the I Drive Smart training vehicle will be located. Generally, unless otherwise specified, the pick up and drop off site for any school location is in front of the main entrance of the school. See the directions link next to your selected behind the wheel location. It is the student's responsibility to know where the training will take place. Please be sure to print off your behind-the-wheel confirmation page each time you train and bring it with you to present to the Instructor. This will avoid confusion and will help to confirm your training time and location.
  • The Instructor is available to meet with a parent or guardian before and after each training session to discuss the performance of the student and to make recommendations. Feel free to discuss with the Instructor the type of training that will take place, any concerns about your new driver, or specific training you would like as a focus for your new driver. Be sure to bring all required materials to each session for Instructor signature.
  • In the event that a student misses a scheduled behind-the-wheel session, that student will be required to purchase an additional Replacement behind-the-wheel session to make up for the missed driving appointment.
  • Please understand that exceptions cannot be made as behind-the-wheel training involves very careful pre-planning.
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