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About Us

I Drive Smart was founded in 2004 by Tom Pecoraro, a veteran police officer with over 24 years of experience as a Maryland law enforcement officer. Officer Pecoraro witnessed too many collisions firsthand where inexperience and poor training brought harsh consequences. He knew something had to be done differently to better prepare young drivers for the road.

I Drive Smart started with five cars and 12 part-time Instructors teaching classes in Maryland. Today, I Drive Smart has over 140 Instructors and a fleet of easy-to-spot yellow cars. Thousands of students in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and California are proud I Drive Smart graduates.

As a father of five children, a veteran police officer and president of I Drive Smart, Inc., Tom believes, "Teaching and mentoring new drivers is a responsibility and partnership shared by parents, their community and I Drive Smart." Our over 75,000 client families agree that no driver education program can match the experience they've had with the most highly qualified instructors in the industry at I Drive Smart.

Smart Drivers, Safe Roads, and Safe Communities.