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In-class training sessions follow the relevant public school system's policy (by city/county) for emergency closings and cancellations if we are holding a session in the local public facility. If the location operates on an independent policy, we will follow that policy. If the location is closed (or closes early), classes after this point will be closed. If schools are delayed, we typically will hold our classes as long as the schools allow for this. Canceled classes(s) will be re-scheduled by I Drive Smart within a reasonable amount of time, often by simply adding another day to the schedule according to the class sequence pattern (e.g., by adding a Monday to a Mon-Fri session or a Tuesday to a Tue-Thu session). Most often, if the class session has already started, we move the postponed class to occur prior to Unit 9, producing the least disruption for those doing makeup classes.

Behind-the-wheel sessions are generally held rain or shine. However, if weather conditions warrant (i.e., snow or ice that make training risky), we will cancel training for the safety of our clients. We will rarely cancel due to rain or winds, unless the conditions are very severe. We look at less-than-ideal weather as presenting an opportunity for the client to train in adverse conditions with the safety of a professional instructor and a second, safety brake. Impacted sessions are typically un-reserved in the student's user account and available for re-scheduling within 24-hours.