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Virginia 90 Minute Parent/Teen Presentation

Virginia State Law Requires that Certified Driver Training Schools hold two (2) 90 Minute Parent/Teen Presentations annually. In compliance with the requested social distancing protocol, I Drive Smart has converted these presentations to online Webinars for the next few presentations.  Due to limited capacity and significant demand for these presentations, client families should only register for one seat since more than one individual can view and participate in the webinar while on screen.  If you cannot attend a webinar session after registration, we ask that you please cancel to allow another client to attend.  

Clients register through their Student User Account by logging in, navigating to the "More Info" link on the Menu Bar,  scroll to the "90 Minute Parent/Teen" drop down which will take you to the Events Page.  From this page you can select your choice of available Webinars. 

Once you are successfully registered for the Webinar, to participate log into the Student User Account, navigate to the "View My Events" link in the left side navigation bar of the My Account Page, click on the link which will take you to your events page where you will see the "Join Webinar" link to participate.  

These events are reserved for I Drive Smart clients only, are complimentary and documented attendance and completion will be certified with the State only for I Drive Smart clients. I Drive Smart clients will have their attendance automatically credited once they e-certify their driver training forms via their student user account. It is the responsibility of the client to coordinate the attendance of this training to coincide with the completion of the driver training program. Students can attend this training any time before, during or after the driver training process.

Please continue to check back for future events. 

90 Minute Parent / Teen Presentation
On-Line Webinar
Time: 07:00 PM-08:30 PM