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Senior Refresher Training

Even the most experienced drivers may need to refresh or evaluate their driving skills as they age. Aging can affect your safety and the safety of other drivers. I Drive Smart offers objective, one-on-one evaluation and training for mature drivers. If you have a family member or friend in need of an impartial, fair, and professional evaluation of his or her driving skills, I Drive Smart can help. An evaluation does not always result in the removal of a person's driving privilege. Often, our Instructors can facilitate training and innovative ideas that can support drivers as they advance in years.

We are not medical or occupational therapy professionals. We are state certified driving instructors who will conduct a two-part assessment, utilizing the same training protocols applied to novice drivers that measure basic fundamental driving skills. Skills required by all drivers that are critical for the safe operation of a vehicle.

Here is a brief overview of our two-part process:

Part 1: In the comfort of the driver's own home, one of our certified instructors will conduct a short 30 minute in person industry standard Cognitive Assessment. I Drive Smart may require under some circumstances that the driver have an advocate present. This assessment tool is used solely for internal purposes to determine if the driver meets I Drive Smart's threshold to progress to the in car portion (Part 2) of the evaluation.

Part 2: After the driver has successfully completed Part 1 of the protocol, meeting I Drive Smart's internal standard, our instructor will conduct a 60 minute in-car evaluation in one of I Drive Smart's Certified Training vehicles. The evaluation is based on state mandated training objectives for new drivers. The driver will be scored accordingly to these objectives and presented with the evaluation's findings. From this point, options for additional training are addressed.

To learn more about this program or to schedule a session, please call our offices at 855.IDS.COPS or email us at

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